The secrets of food and drink marketing

Creating a food or drink product to sell to the mass market can be quite challenging but it can also be extremely rewarding and potentially very lucrative. It takes passion, desire and an almost obsessive interest in all things food or drink to succeed in the industry. That is why we here at Clip Creative & PR London and Nottingham have brought together all of our food and drink marketing secrets and experience to create an innovative infographic that explains step by step how the world of food and drink marketing really works.

An infographic is a way of displaying information in a graphic format designed to make strategies, research, data and ideas easily understandable at a glance. This food and drink marketing infographic illustrates the different stages of a marketing strategy from the launch or manufacture of the product or service through to practical actions required to implement the strategy.

The first stage of the infographic explains that once you have refined your food or drink product you need to let people know about it. Your target audience will vary from consumers, foodies, buyers from the multiples to industry chefs and many more depending on your objectives. Branding, packaging design, marketing and PR is essential in the creation of a successful food or beverage company as this will elevate the brand image and ensure you generate sales and stay ahead of your competitors.

The infographic also illustrates that in order to create a marketing strategy you need to take in to consideration your unique selling points, long term business objectives and your target audience. Techniques and tips such as PR, media coverage, videos and taste testing can all help to create awareness of the unique selling points and communicate the key messages to the target market.

In addition Clip Creative have also incorporated social media strategies and how to implement social media marketing without wasting precious time. The examples used also integrate printed marketing literature, how to avoid pit-falls, how to save money and a few of their opinions on the food and drink marketing industry.

Sim Mistry, PR Director at Clip Creative commented “The infographic has been designed to divulge a variety of food and drink marketing secrets that we have gathered through our many years of experience. We decided to combine foodie terms that are applicable to the food, drink and restaurant industry. We wanted to display our knowledge and trade secrets in a fun and informative way so that they would be useful to other food, drink and leisure related companies looking to grow.”

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