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Lots of little time (usually!)

Want your Annual report to be better than last years? Want an annual report designer who will understand your business objectives and targets? We have been producing annual reports for over 18 years. Our clients include the NHS, Royal College of General Practitioners and YMCA to name a few.

We take great pride in delivering the most creative and artistic annual and financial reports you have ever seen. We can transform any text, statistic, graph, points and quotes and turn them in to a book of art that your audience will want to read.

Our team use a simple 5 step by step method that will take us from the brief all the way to the final completed report, why work with anyone when you can work with a specialist annual report designers.

Do you want to improve on last years report and save on costs?


My step by step process report design process:

To ensure you annual report is designed exactly how you would like it here are the stages that we will go through to get your annual report to the final stage.

Step 1

Planning and theme Understand the business, the targets, the concept and create an overall theme to base the annual report on


Step 2

Style, images and infographics - from mood boards, influences, to defining the creative and artistic elements that you want in the annual report


Step 3

Text, typography and data I can adhere to any branding guidelines, font and typography guidelines whilst being innovative in the way I present data and text


Step 4

Edits and communication - From day one I will keep communication open and will always be there to adapt and communicate to suit you


Step 5

Finish and format - I can advise on the types of prints, finishes, digital and other types of formats you want your report to produced as. I have many experienced print companies and contacts in the industry


My promise to you

I will ensure that I work closely with you through every stage of my step by step process. The method above is very efficient and has worked for me and many of my clients. As well as the process above I can ensure that I will:

Keep communication open, I will be happy to talk about any issue regarding your annual report

Be open to edits and suggestions within reason, I am aware that large organisations can have several approval stages and I am well versed in stakeholder management

I will thoroughly research your brand, business and industry to ensure I have an in depth understanding

I will commit to deadlines, I will make every effort in my power to meet deadlines and keep my clients happy

Ensure innovation, passion and flair for your annual report design from mood boards, concepts to unique ideas

I work with a trusted copywriter whom I can rely on for copy edits and proofreading should you require that

Printing of annual reports will always be factored in to timescales to make sure you have the final product in your hand as you want it and on time


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