04 Edits and communication

Telephone, email, Whatsapp or Skype...clear communication is essential.

From proof reading, emails to communication, this fourth step is vital, particularly when it comes to producing a flawless annual report designing in the most seamless way possible.

Below are three of the main issues that are the most important and the most overlooked during the design and production process of an annual report.

    1. Team communication
    2. Drafts and edits
    3. Deadlines

Just to give you a bit more information on the above we will explain in a little more detail.

  1. Team communication

We may have mentioned this earlier on but we don’t think it can be mentioned enough, before an annual report even begins in your brand or organisation ensure there is a team that will be in charge of it and ensure that they know who they are. Nominate one person or take charge of the annual report, have other people for ideas, ensure there is one or two maximum for the final proof reading and edits. Make sure you agree on points like content, structure, design style and layout from the beginning to avoid any large changes being made later. Also be in sync about the deadlines and how much leeway you have with extensions to time just in case. The project leader should ideally be the one who communicates (phone/email/meetings) with the design team to avoid any confusion or any emails from anyone else (except for emergencies and illnesses.) The annual report design team will always ensure to be at the end of the phone for any questions and answer any emails as soon as I can.

  1. Drafts and edits

The team should be aware that they may be one to two draft stages, this must be factored into the timescales. In addition, the more changes and edits that are made the longer this process will be. I will always try to make sure the drafts are sent to you with plenty of time to edit and we will always try to make the edits and changes that are given.

  1. Deadlines

Always allow the deadline to be a few days or even a week before the actual deadline therefore if there are any delays you have a safety net. In our 20 years of designing annual reports we have never not met a deadline my regular clients are a testament to that.

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